2019 Afternoon Classes

Collage Painting
By: Jenny Armitage

Create colorful “paintings” from torn paper. We will spent the first couple of days making acrylic mono-prints together to create a palette of paper for our collages. Time permitting, we will marble paper as well. Using our hand printed paper, paper from last year's class, maps, and old books, we will create collage paintings. Expect to get messy in this class.

Calacas! Mexican Folk Art
By: Ingrid Parmeter

Calacas! Mexican folk art inspired by Dia de Los Muertos - A calaca is a figure of a skeleton commonly used for decoration during the Mexican Day of the Dead festival. These figures are fun, not scary, and are often humorous in hopes that the viewer might develope a light-hearted attitude about the inevitability of death. In this class we will explore the use of skeleton imagery in Mexican culture and make multiple calacas for your home.Class Description

By: Marian Scadden

In this class, we’re going to work hard and play hard as we practice skills needed for performing on stage, and work on skills specific to improvisation. We’ll create improvised scenes, and we’ll play improvisational games. Students will learn to create people with different character traits, focus on the scene or game at hand, and work as an ensemble.

Making Music
By: John Harr

Do you enjoy playing music with others? Do you enjoy learning how a song is put together? Do you enjoy playing different instruments? Do you love music? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this class is for you! We will learn songs using classroom instruments such as xylophones, boomwhackers, hand percussion, recorders, keyboards, ukuleles, and other instruments. We will perform as a group in a final performance. Instruments will be provided for the students. Let's make some music!

By: Gino Voeks

In this course students will be exploring the different methods of creating art with ceramics. We will cover basic hand building techniques including coil building, pinching, and slab building, Using these methods, students will create original works of art from bowls, cups and vases to mask making and wall pockets. If time permits students will learn how to center and create pottery via wheel throwing.

Beginning Gourmet
By: Recca Maze

This class will include the preparation of stir fry, cooked grains & cereals, spaghetti sauce, tossed salad, scrambled eggs, cake-from-scratch, and shortbread. Our sessions will teach or review basic knife skills, kitchen sanitation & safety, recipe-reading, food combinations, selection of ingredients, basic skillet & oven skills, plating and presentation, rotation of kitchen chores, and kitchen communication. Come prepared to learn, taste, cooperate, and ENJOY!

Mosaic with Paper
By: Odessa Hansen

Mosaic with paper!! In this class we will be using magazines, paper and glue to create an adventurous image. Bring your ideas and any random objects that you might want to add-in to your mosaic. Such items may include: buttons, coins, stickers, wire, or similar items. Mosaics can be made out of anything, but we will have a main focus on paper and magazines.

Paper Mache
By: Paula Pellnat

In this class we will learn the basics of paper mache, making some fun and quirky critters!....and also explore the more complex world of "taper" Mache! Using wire and tape to form a strong and moldable creation of your choosing. We will also be painting our work on the final days to bring them to life!