2019 Morning Classes

Martial Arts
By: Beth Baily

This class explores a number of martial arts disciplines. Some styles introduced are: Karate, Judo, JuJitsu, Kenpo, Chinese Boxing (kung-fu) Phillipino stick fighting (Arnis) and Street Self Defense. Students will also learn a tournament form (kata) and be ready to take the stage for a choreographed performance. Students should wear workout or loose-fitting clothing.

Exploring Watercolor
By: Jenny Armitage

Learn a new watercolor technique with each new painting. We will cover basic color mixing and traditional washes and brushwork. In addition we will learn how to lift back and scratch out paint and to how add texture with salt, water and rubbing alcohol. We will try blowing paintings with straws and painting over poured backgrounds. We will use resists to create batik-like paintings. We will experiment with yupo paper to create paintings that look like they were painted on glass.

Fantastic Animals
By: Ingrid Parmeter

Sculptural Creatures: Design a 3-D creature from beginning to end! We’ll craft animal heads out of sculpey, bend wire for armature, wrap the whole thing in padding and sew fake fur to make a really cool sculptural creature. Bring fake fur, feathers, and other embellishments if you have them! This class requires some advanced motor skills, (wire bending, glue gun, sewing), so get ready to be challenged!Class Description 

By: Joyce Parmeter

Make and design your own linoleum prints. The class will include designing the print, carving linoleum, pulling prints and matting.

By: Kim Bushbaum

Be creative with embroidery arts! Learn basic and intermediate skills to create a personalized project.

Rock Band
By: John Harr

Do you enjoy singing along to your favorite songs? Do you play guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, or some other instrument? Have you ever wanted to play in a rock band? Do you love music? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this class is for you! We will learn pop/rock songs and will perform as our own rock band in a final performance. Please supply your own instrument. Band instruments such as trumpet, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, etc. are welcome too. Singers are also encouraged to take the class. Let's make some music!

By: Gino Voeks

In this course students will be exploring the different methods of creating art with ceramics. We will cover basic hand building techniques including coil building, pinching, and slab building, Using these methods, students will create original works of art from bowls, cups and vases to mask making and wall pockets. If time permits students will learn how to center and create pottery via wheel throwing.

String Art
By: Odessa Hansen

Come ready to hammer some nails and create your favorite images with string! We will be exploring depth, color layering, and image manipulation by using colored string, nails, and wood. Images will range from simple hearts to fantastic landscapes!