2022 Afternoon Classes


By: Evan Tait

Shakespeare Survival Guide: Does the Bard strike fear into your heart? Do you confused Stratford with Scranton, PA? Does the language of Shakespeare terrify you to no end? Well, never fear. This Shakespeare Survival Guide will cover Shakespeare’s life, works, famous adaptations, and more. All that work will culminate into a Shakespeare showcase, where you’ll be able to explore all characters from Julius Caesar to Hamlet, to Puck and so much more!


By: Sonia Allen

This lively class will focus on watercolor techniques and special effects. Two projects will be completed. The first will be a composition utilizing special effects. The second project will be a painting that tells a visual story or memory.


By: Julie Jeanseau

Summer is a time to explore possibilities in our arts forms; with clay we will learn to create from slurry to bone dry and everything in between.  As a teaching artist I will scaffold and build students techniques, but also couple that with encouragement to follow their curiosity and see what happens.  Projects will depend on skill level. New students will explore with basic pinch pots and coils projects. Advanced students will be encouraged with self designed projects and the support to make them happen.


By: Noah Miller

This fun and collaborative group class will be focused on learning how to make and understand music using simple percussion instruments such as Boomwhackers, buckets, glasses and bottles, and rhythm sticks. We will be diving into many fun musical concepts such as note duration and rhythm reading, proper playing techniques, and learning to make music in a group.