2022 Morning Classes

By: Paula Pellnat

In Taper Mache’ we will start by constructing a basic wire frame to create a critter or creature of your choice. It could be a family pet, favorite wild animal, mythical beast, or a mixture of all! We will get creative with tape, paper, as well as various other materials along the way to build up and finish your custom creation. We will be making an expressive mask with the same materials as a secondary fun project!


By: Sonia Allen

Together we will explore two printmaking processes: Monotypes and Relief Printmaking. With the Monotype process students will produce one-of-a-kind original prints to be embellished with color. With the Relief process, students will produce a small edition of prints. The printing plate itself will be finished as its own work of art.


By: Evan Tait

With more than a decade of professional musical theater experience, both on and off stage, Evan Tait will teach students the acting of musical theater, how to interpret a song, how to make yourself stand out at musical theater auditions, and all of this will culminate in a musical theater showcase, featuring works from classic musicals, to more contemporary musicals. Students will come away with songs they can use for auditions, with new knowledge of important composers, and so much more.


By: Julie Jeanseau

Within our collage projects we will layer images, look at composition, as well as cut and tear to create our art. We will be looking at color value systems, drawing, learning magazine transfer, basic printmaking and all sorts of adhesives.  Students will choose a theme to work with for the two weeks and create several works around that theme.

Fun With Felting

By: Rona Aspholm

Use wool fibers to create whimsical creatures to brighten your day. Needle Felting is a popular technique to create sculptures out of wool. Students will learn techniques and then create a critter of their own design. We will also explore wet-felting, a technique used for centuries around the globe to create cloth. Our cloth can be a mat, a wall-hanging, pillow cover or bag. For the more adventurous, we will combine wet-felting and needle felting! It is sure to ignite your creativity!