2023 Afternoon Classes


By: Eric Frey

Introduction to Relief Printmaking: students will work with a variety of materials to make different types of artistic prints including Monotype, Monoprint, and an edition of Linocut prints.  


By: Julie Jeanseau

Score, Cut, Fold and HOT GLUE your materials to create fantastic creatures, animals and monsters. We will be using card board, paper cups, foil and all types of recyclables to create with. At the end of our creating all these materials will be hidden under layers of paper cache, paint and fabric.  


By: Sonia Allen

Using a variety of mediums, students will explore drawing techniques, composition, design, and bookmaking. There will be brainstorming, stories, studio time, mystery projects, and laughter. This class will encourage students to tap into their imagination and see drawing in a whole new way.

By: Even Tait

Evan will teach students the acting of musical theater, how to interpret a song, how to make yourself stand out at musical theater auditions, and all of this will culminate in a musical theater showcase, featuring works from classic musicals, to more contemporary musicals. Students will come away with songs they can use for auditions, with new knowledge of important composers, and so much more.


By: Melvin Lee

To begin with we will hand draw the block alphabet, then learn to apply paint to the letters. The second week I will teach them a casual script using the brush and paint.


By: Rusty Rae

A hands-on photography course in which students learn the secrets of their individual smartphone cameras  (iphone, android, and pixel phone) to help them to make better photographs. The course will also cover the basics of photography {light, exposure, landscape, people, macro, and composition). Additionally, learners will explore the world of post processing and the apps they can download to their devices to assist with their image-making. Students will be given specific assignments to assist them in improving their technique and their photographic eye.