2023 Morning Classes

By: Sonia Allen

Let’s take watercolor on an adventure. This class will have students working with foundation techniques, then practicing new ways to use color. Paint what is around you in your world. Fancy painting what isn’t there? We’ll do that as well. What about a book of things you invent? We’re game. Learn to handle watercolor with confidence and create some unique works of art in the process.


By: Paula Pellnat

Our class will be exploring various materials and means to get us to our finished creations. Our theme will be alien life forms. We will build a storyline and bio as we progress, first with a model, then we will also design a mask, along with our planet details. We will start with a written idea, some wire, and basic anatomy. Add paper to build up our form, limbs and features, then finish with tape and paint. The mask will be made in a similar way, with a basic mask to begin with.

By: Evan Tait

Does the Bard strike fear into your heart? Do you confuse Stratford with Scranton, PA? Does the language of Shakespeare terrify you to no end? Well, never fear. This Shakespeare Survival Guide will cover Shakespeare’s life, works, famous adaptations, and more. All that work will culminate in a Shakespeare showcase, where you’ll be able to explore characters from Julius Caesar, to Hamlet, to Puck and more!


By: Julie Jeanseau

Sewing can be practical in mending or replacing a button, but it can also ignite the imagination! Fabric become a bendable, foldable printed surface and the thread become a line that holds it together. We will learn the practical in order to create the impractical! Small totes, to fabric sculptures, to wrist bands made from recyclables!

By: Natalie Fletcher

Natalie will be working with students to design a concept and paint a large scale mural on wood that will be adhered to an exterior wall for all to see! Students will learn about color, materials, and how to make a visual eye catching mural!


By: Anthony Allen

This recorder class will explore some of the wide world of recorder playing. Class members will sign up to play either soprano, alto, tenor, or bass recorder, learning basic note and finger patterns. Along with exercises for teaching notes, we will play fun folk and renaissance tunes in 4 parts (SATB). Sheet music and recordings will be used as teaching materials. Prior experience playing a musical instrument helpful, but not necessary.