2024 Afternoon Classes


By: Caroline Goin

Cari will be providing an exciting, dynamic experience for kids of all ages and abilities to explore a fairytale and turn it on its head! Kids will explore themes in a fairytale then fracture it, using their imaginations to retell the story from their unique point of view. Students will play drama games and learn to improvise as well as create a play. Finally, students will present a fun-filled performance of their creation to family and friends!


By: Stephanie Juanillo

Kids will learn the basics of felting, from selecting and preparing fibers to shaping and sculpting their own unique designs. Students will discover the magic of needle felting and wet felting, how to manipulate fibers, blend colors and add intricate details to each project. Our goal will be to develop patience, focus, and problem-solving abilities that foster confidence and self-expression.


By: Melvin Lee

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. Italic is basic to beginning calligraphers. Students will be introduced to calligraphic tools: nibs, fountain pens, and ink. Construction of capital and lowercase letter forms will be practiced in addition to proper pen angle, and spacing of letters and words.

By: Noah Miller

Would you believe that a bucket can be used to make some awesome music? In this class, students will learn basic rhythm notation, playing in a beginning percussion ensemble, and learning how to craft simple rhythmic compositions.


 By: Sonia Allen

Students will explore the world of medieval illuminated manuscript art using watercolor techniques to create illuminated and decorated page elements. The final project will be a custom designed illuminated page.


By: Jessica Rehfield

Students will make folded zines, including poetry and collage zines. These zines will include 8-page folded zine (with surprise interior page), 12 and 14 page folded zines, giant group zine, accordian-folded zine and expanded practice zines with lost-and-found poetry, collage arts, stitching, and stapled pages. Students will combine and explore zine-making with illustrated and story-telling zines and skills that can be easily repeated. The poss”-zine-”bilities are endless!