2024 Morning Classes

By: Sonia Allen

This class will lead students through making small sketchbooks, then practicing drawing skills to design their own artistic pages. We’ll finish with shore graphic novels and story maps.


By: Stephanie Juanillo

From paper mache, assemblage, to found object and collaborative sculptures, each student will learn how to mold, shape, and assemble different materials to create a one of a kind masterpiece. Whether making whimsical creatures, abstract forms, or miniature worlds, the class will help kids expand their creativity and imagination while developing basic sculpting skills.

By: Noah Miller

Explore beginning musical theater dance styles in a fun environment that encourages experimentation, learning from mistakes, working with your natural flexibility and stage presence, and working with others.


By: Jessica Rehfield

Exploring the differences between sewing and embroidery, students learn a set of basic stitches common to both hand-sewing and embroidery including running, back, cross and whip stitches, and more advanced stitches like feather, chain and French knot. Students will create a sampler, using embroidery hoops, explore mending and sew-on patches using fabric as an art medium. We experiment with sewing alternative materials, plan a design, and use design skills to create a final project that incorporates both sewing and embroidery skills.

By: Rusty Rae

This course will give smartphone users the opportunity to take control of thier image-making with their devices. From holding the smartphone for the sharpest images to understanding how to adjust the smartphone camera for exposure. Additionally, students will learn to edit their images using applications such as Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Snapseed, and others. Students will solidify their learnings through specific assignments leading to a portfolio of images to be printed for the final day exposition.


By: Eric Frey

Students will be exploring the interesting world of printmaking by taking different approaches to creating art prints. We will be exploring transforming a picture into a print, transforming northwest fish into prints (no real fish will be used for this project), and creating a limited edition of linocut prints based on a student drawing.